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Hung out with Andrew (777echelon777echelon) in SF. Bumpped into Scott (aairnaairn and we all hit the Metro.

We lost Scott, but Andrew bumped into his friend's friend, Tyler. After last call, we tried hitting Ruby Sky to meet up with Andrew's friend, Sarah, but she didn't come over, so we just had a late night meal at Lori's.


The annual SJ crew Halloween Party...

More pics

It was 90s themed, and due to a lack of time in planning on my part, I found some vintage clothing I have saved from junior high (shut up! lol) and dressed up as a 90s Poser. Yup, those are dyed purple denim shorts! Dyed denim... I couldn't find my green pair of jeans!

Afterwards, Greg, Chrissy, and I went back to Greg's, where we watched the Dildo Shopping Channel on Dish Network. Wow.... that was interesting!

Had lunch at Macaroni Grill in El Cerrito... saw two young, good looking gay couples there which is a rarity in the West Contra Costa.

Other random things....

Going through some job interviews right now for permanent positions. I'm really hoping for this one position in SF. It's a great company located downtown. We shall see how that goes :)

Halloween night was pretty low key for me. Went up to John's to check out his haunted house, which was pretty kick ass, if I should say so myself. As for the trick or treaters at my house, I've come to the conclusion that not a not of families have moved out of their houses in my neighborhood, therefore there isn't an abundance of new families coming in, thus the low trick or treater turnout.


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