Rex (rapp81) wrote,

News Items

Ok, since it's yet another slow day at work, here are some noteworthy newsitems...

Kanye West Throws Vulgar Hissy Fit After Losing Best Video at MTV European Music Awards ( / IBSYS)
The byline for this article states "Rapper Says Show Loses Credibility Because He Didn't Win". Dear God, it just means that Europeans have CLASS, you fucking retard!

"Naked man arrested after pulling awl from rectum" (
The freaks are out by the El Cerrito del Norte BART Station!

Santa Clara University is the 16th fittest college, according to Men's Fitness magazine (Actually an opinion piece on halloween costumes)
Another reason I'm kicking myself in the ass for not even trying to apply to SCU.... maybe I'll apply there for my MBA :P

"Some believe Cho displayed inappropriate humor" (SJSU Spartan Daily)
It must have been a slow day at the SD this week, as this event happened two weeks ago. Boo closed minded fools! It's a college event, freaks! Cal Berkeley would probably have a better reaction than you freaks!

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