Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Miramonte HS of Orinda Performs The Laramie Project

This article was in today's Contra Costa Times.

It's good to see high schools in Contra Costa County, such as Miramonte, are stepping up to the plate, especially in areas that are generally affluent and sometimes conservative.

Now De La Salle/Carondelet needs to follow suit :)

I've seen SJSU's production of TLP a few years ago and they did an awesome job.  I'm sure the students over at Miramonte will do the same

I gotta say, the high school scene when it comes to these kind of things is totally different from when I graduated from HS seven years ago.  It was unheard of for anyone to be out... Now it's common place.  A lot has changed over the years.

In my final year at SJSU, during my time attending weekly GALA / monthy GASPED meetings at Santa Clara University, I was asked if I'd like to stick around after one of the meetings to be trained to be a panelist.  Figuring what the heck, I decided to go through the short training.  A few weeks later, an opportunity came up and they were in desperate need of panelists for Bellarmine College Prepatory's Day of Silence.  Bellarmine is an all boys Catholic/Jesuit HS in San Jose (SCU is also a Jesuit university) and with that being the case, I decided to volunteer to be a panelist, thinking to myself that this would be something I could have benefited from if something like that occured while I was at DLS.

The panel was relatively small, two SCU students (one gay male, one female ally) and myself, the SCU groupie who identified as a gay male.  The event was orchestrated by a BCP senior who was the head of the school's GSA, although they weren't officially known as "GSA" due to some qualms from parents of the Catholic school.  However, it was a major step for such a school to even have a group.

We went through two, back-to-back panel sessions.  We discussed things such as our coming out stories and answered many of the students' questions about sexuality.  I gave a personal insight as to how I went through HS completely in the closet, in a time where homophobia was rampid at the popular all-boys Catholic HS that many would probably know.

After the first session, many of the students came up to us, shook our hands, and genually thanked us for coming in.  I never felt so touched before.  Having these kids come up to you, after listening to you and your experiences and thoughts... it's really hard to describe.  It was totally unexpected on my part.


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