Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Yeah, I know... I'm behind


Spent most of the day asleep, as I was slightly hung over from the night before. Brian called me while I was sleeping and asked if I was going to TJ with him. I told him no, because it's in the middle of finals. He then said to give him a call later on that night.

I called him and I ended up going to his apartment and met up with Justin and Greg. We decided to get some liquor but the nearest store was closed. I spotted an open store across the street from the complex on The Alameda and went in. It was a small, greek bakery, with a display case that made me want to vomit! I won't go into details, but let me just ask... where the hell is the county health department?!?

We went back to the apartment and hung around for a while. Then Greg and I went over to Beth's. After that, we walked to the Brit. We met up with Roshnee at the Brit and after closing, we hung around Flat's.

I totally forgot that it was Cinco de Mayo weekend, so Santa Clara St was congested for most of the night, with the losers cruising with their flags and busting up their ghetto ass music. Good thing the Brit is on the west end of downtown, since nobody insane goes there!

Because Santa Clara Street wasn't going to die down any time soon, I crashed at Brians. We watched Dahmer on TMC (wow is all I gotta say) then fell asleep.

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