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First things first... the iSight camera on my brand new MacBook Pro kinked out and now I have to send it in for repair.  Damn, I gotta have one of those cute boys at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in Walnut Creek assist me tonight :P

Ok, the WIR rundown:

Took a half day to go to a job interview in SF, only to find out while I'm enroute to BART that an emergency came up and they had to reschedule.  Oh well... I ended up in The WC and Concord to do some window and eye candy shopping.  BTW, there were a ton of DLS lacrosse boys at the Safeway at Contrywood, carrying their lacrosse sticks around.  Yikes!

When I was back in Hercules, I was pulled over for having expired tags!  We never got the renewal notice and luckily the WC DMV office was open on Saturday to take care of that.

I met up with Andrew in SF, along with Eric and a couple of others.  When we were going to head off to another club, I realized I left my ID in the other car, when I pulled it out to show the police officer earlier in the night.  Blah!  I decided to call it a night anyway because I had to wake up early to head to the DMV.

I was at the DMV office with my mom by 7:55 and there was already a line!  And in that line... hawt WC, Lamorinda, and Tri-Valley boys :P  We were in/out within 20 minutes.  And with my mom knowing pretty much every Filipino in Contra Costa County, she knew the person who helped us at the DMV.

After the DMV, my mom and I had breakfast at the neon Lyon's in Pleasant Hill, then hit the mall and Costco.

Later on at night, I met up with John for the Miss Trannyshack 2006 pagent.  It was, good and bad.  There were two good acts, but the last one... yuck!  It was an chubby, dark, ethnic guy who decided to shed it all (and I mean all).  John and I were disgusted, along with most of the crowd.  Some even left because of it.

I had a craving for Sorrento's in WC, so we tried to go there only to find out that they're not open for lunch on Sundays!  Of all the days to not be open for lunch too!  So my sister, mom, aunt, uncle, cousin, and I went to Tomatina downtown.  Mmmmm, WC DILFs :P  We went to Nordstrom's and Best Buy afterwards.

My cousin tried t avoid a sales associate at BB because he was annoying.  We then raided the printers and plugged our SD cards in to print random pics.  Yeah, we're dorks.


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