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Nostalgia via Multimedia and then some...

Earlier tonight, my brother sent me a couple of links about the movie, The Worst Witch

One was a very detailed negative review of the movie, divided into four parts.

Yeah, I know Mrs. Garrett from The Facts of Life was kinda annoying, and the 70s chroma key scenes, especially those with Tim Curry as he sings "Anything Can Happen on Halloween" as illustrated in video 1.1 below, but it was still an awesome movie!

Video 1.1

While surfing through this, I decided to see if this movie was on DVD via imdb. Hellz yeah it is! And has it bundled with another 80s witch movie fav of mine, Teen Witch

Since I was already surfing YouTube, I decided to check out some vids from this movie. There's a kick ass compilation of almost all of the songs in Video 2.1 below. Nobody has Never Gonna Be the Same Again though :/

Video 2.1

*Sings I'm Gonna Be the Most Popular Girl!* ---- TOP THAT!

Going through more related YouTube vids, I found out that there is a Teen Witch: The Musical soon to debut, due to the efforts of the movie's original music composer! OMFG! There was a promo video (Video 2.2) made and in it they said that the movie has had midnight showings in places like San Francisco, complete with singalongs. How did I miss the SF event, where Robin Lively was actually appearing?? Oh, btw, the actor who played Brad in the movie is fucking hot (and was also in Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style) and so is his successor in the new musical.

Video 2.2


In continuing the cheezy, yet great 80s music on the screen, a couple of weeks ago on the CBS show How I Met Your Mother, they did a thing where one of the main characters was a Canadian teen pop start when she was younger. Video 3.1 was a freaking riot.

And if you go to innertube on, you can see the full video along with this past week's episode where Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) gay, black brother (Wayne Brady) decides to settle down which puts Barney in dismay. If you haven't caught on yet, you should catch on... it's a great comedy!

Video 3.1

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