Rex (rapp81) wrote,

WIR - HS Concerts, Job Interviews, Shooting Victim Chased at Work

Yeah, I know I didn't do one for the previous week. Nothing huge really happened anyway other than the usual hanging out.

Went to the CHS/DLS Xmas Choral Concert to see my cousin who's in the Freshman Chorus. Saw some old DLS/CHS faculty there. Even saw Brian and Heather perform in the adult choir. I would have gone up to you two afterwards, but I spent most of my time looking for my wayward mom who had to give presents to the CHS nuns (no joke!).

Went to an second interview with a Web 2.0 company in San Mateo. The interview went pretty well. Extremely well, in fact.

Got the call back informing me that due to budgetary restraints, I couldn't get the job I interviewed for. WTF??

An actual busy day at work. I was manning the phone for day after support for new system deployments and I was on the phone for a straight hour and a half, dealing with business partners.

While working by the window facing the main access road to the medical facility, I saw a car race in, with Vallejo police chasing them in. All of us in the office were like, WTF? So a few of us run out of the office and follow the action. Several squad cars come in and we see activity by the curve of the MOB/Garage area. Apparently someone was driving in a shot victim and decided to drive into the Medical Office Building side of the facility versus the ER. The guy was laying on the ground while Vallejo PD just stood around, awaiting for medics to arrive. Now remember, I work at Kaiser Permanente - Vallejo, a full service MEDICAL FACILITY. We had staff on their Spectralinks (cordless phone system connected to our Rolm 9175 PBX) calling ER and security (which is located right at the scene of the action), yet no Kaiser staff assisted medically. WTF?? The ambulance came and shipped the victim off somewhere (possibly at neaby Sutter Hospital, instead), who was completely coherent and was interrogated by VPD.

I grabbed one of the IT Spectralinks from my coworker David, and called via tieline over to John in Vacaville to tell him what just happened. David, Kevin, and I were up in the garage, watching the scene right below. Some random dude was like, "This shit happens everyday in Richmond and Oakland!" Thank you for that retarded fact! Like Vallejo is any different anyway. I need to find work outside of the freaking ghetto!

Did a Fry's and Best Buy run... ended up getting a Segate 400GB external HD for ~$190 (after my BB rewards certificates and coupons). And I instantly loaded it with some Sean Cody :P

Later on, I met up with John at 1220, for the leg end of Country Night before it went to House. I tried to get my other coworker Butler to come out, but some of you know how he gets... hehehe

This upcoming week...
This week just happens to be the prime time for holiday and random events!

Tuesday - Departmental Holiday Lunch at work

Thursday - Annual SJSU Crew Holiday Dinner @ 130 S. Morrisson (Greg & Justin's)... Yes folks, that's like a block from The Watergarden! They get a kick out of that fact for some reason... lol

Friday - Kaiser Vallejo holiday luncehon then Berrylle's (tripmate from Europe '05) birthday bash in South SF later that night.

Saturday - Party at the Hampton's in SJ


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