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What a busy week, let me tell ya!

Met up with John at 1220. Didn't make it in time to learn some country dancing... Yeah, you read right, country dancing. :) Just hung out for a bit and headed home.

Drove straight down from work to SJ for the annual SJSU crew holiday party at Greg and Justin's. Since Chris (crhalecrhale) wrote an awesome post about it, plus I'm kinda lazy to type up my own, here's his summary of the night:

So Thursday was a very busy lunch shift at work. Afterward, Amber and Idid a little grocery shopping. At 6:00, we left for Greg and Justin's5th Annual Holiday Dinner party.

Gregand Justin made special stockings with all of our names for thefireplace. We watched football and listened to the jukebox, and drankbottles and bottles of wine. I brought a lot of $2 Chuck. I hear it's$3 Chuck now, but I have vintage stuff. We ate my caprese skewers, andAmber's sun-dried tomato and black olive cracker spread.

After alittle while, we opened presents. The stockings were filled with candyand crappy little toys. Where's my Silly Putty?! After that, we openedour gift exchange gifts.

I got Rex a bottle of Chocolate flavored vodka and a little carafe and shot glass set.
Rex got Greg a Family Guy trivia game and Robot Chicken DVD.
Greg got Amber a 5-piece set of Kitchen Aid kitchen tools in red.
Amber got Angela Trivial Pursuit Totally 80's edition.
Angela got Justin a $15 iTunes card and a $15 Starbucks card.
Justin got Stefan a NJ Devils hat (en route in the mail)
Stefan got Chrissy a bottle of Skyy vodka and a cocktails by Jenn four-pack.
Chrissy got me Trivial Pursuit Totally 80's edition.

and thus completes the circle of friendship.

Wedecided we were drunk enough to get dinner going. By the time we hadeverything ready it was almost 9:30. We had BBQ'ed turkey, glazed Ham,cornbred stuffin', Amber's vegetables, pizza my heart garlic bread,salad, mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, cranberry sauce and cheesypotatoes. We drank Mondavi Pinot Noir and some type of Reisling. Wedined by candlelight.

After dinner we drank sparkling wine and read 80's trivia. Around 12:30 we ate dessert and started cleaning up.

Good party.

And they were not crappy little toys. There were utterly cute! :) Greg really did a lot this time around!

Went to South SF for Berrylle's birthday. Berrylle is someone I met while I was in Europe last year. We both live in the Bay Area, yet rarely see each other, and it was good to meet up with her for her birthday. Her boyfriend booked a suite at the Embassy by SFO, so we met up there. Then we went to Hollihan's at the Holiday Inn near by. Berrylle was so trashed. Just like Europe! lol. She also has an awesome set of friends.

I strung up some xmas lights, then awaited for John to get off work so we could head down to SJ for the night. I was catching the first part of the DLS/Canyon State Championship game on FSN+.

John finally arrived, and we headed off, making a stop at Starbucks and Shell for coffee and gas. Then we headed down to the Hampton's for the party. Always great seeing the KoC crew.

Afterwards, we headed to downtown SJ. Made a stop at O'Flarhaty's to meet up with Chris, Amber, and Stefan (schnup009schnup009). Because of the earlier Sharks game, the TVs were still tuned to FSNBA, showing the replay of the DLS/Canyon game. I didn't know what the final score was, and from the replay at halftime, DLS was losing, so I pulled out my Treo and looked it up. I was so upset. The had an undefeted season this year, and loss. Reset the counter to zero :( I was the only one hollaring in the bar when Lad would go on screen. (I had some alchohol in me at this point)

John and I then went to Splash... yeah, now I remember why I stopped going. Hella ghetto. lol We tried to catch up with Chris, Amber, and Stefan at La Vic for some orange sauce action, but they closed early... the Third and San Carlos location. And I found out that Iguana's re-opened. I still prefer the simple burritos and fucking AWESOME orange sauce at La Victoria :)

I drove back to my house with John. Waited a bit as the ice melted off John's windshield to melt off so he can head off.

'twas was an awesome week indeed!

The week ahead:

Major laundry, packing, and last minute xmas shopping. I'm in Vegas Sat-Monday with the family then NYC Tuesday thru next Monday.

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