Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Having a blast in NYC!

Just a quick post here...

Spent last night with Joel, his friend Adam from OH, and Tavern (from NYC). Total fun with lots of alcohol and random people meeting.

Then went back to Joel's to catch some Dane Cook. Eventually I ventured back to Mary's apartment in Greenwich Village (after she arrived back from SFO).

Will post a detailed post when I get back on Tuesday!

BTW, I can't remember if I told you my job situation, but my contract with the Napa/Solano service area of Kaiser ended the day before I left for Vegas. Scrambling to find something for the interim (should I end up finally getting a permanent job), my firm was able to set me up on a huge project down in Santa Clara as a lead. So starting next week, I'll be working down in the South Bay. If everything straightens out the way I want them to, I'll be living back in the South Bay (at least during the week) soon.

If I don't post before tomorrow, Happy New Year, everyone!
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