Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Xmas & New Year's WIR (Part 1)

*Christmas in Vegas*


Flew out to Vegas separately on America West/US Airways than the rest of my family who flew Southwest. They snagged the last cheap Southwest flight so I booked a flight on America West that was scheduled to depart 20 minutes earlier. Besides, since they're a Star Alliance airline, I can gain United mileage from them :P

My flight was delayed, but theirs wasn't. Go figure. But Southwest loaded a bunch of baggage to the later Vegas flight (they run hourly flights from OAK to LAS), witch included one of my mom's bags. So by the time I arrived at LAS, they were still at the Southwest counter waiting.

We checked into our timeshare then took the shuttle over to the strip where we headed to The Mirage to have dinner at the buffet. The SJSU can remember how the desserts were the bomb! After dinner, we went to see The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil. It was a good show, but due to the day I had I dozed off for about a half hour :/.


Met with my aunt... went around a few casinos. Had dinner at my mom's friends' place in Henderson. Then I had some me time and went to Krave. I should have gone the night before because it was DEAD. And some 50 year old dude bought me a drunk and painfully groped me. I had to sneak out of there.


Had lunch at my aunt's house then went around the casinos and downtown afterwards. I finally got a deep fried twinkie and oreos. I've been wanting to order one since the first time I saw the twinkie cum guzzling whore in 2003, however every time I was downtown, the kitchen at Mermaids would be closed. That deep fried, so not good for you stuff was actually pretty good. I think my brother took a picture of me pigging out on them... that bastard! lol

After downtown, my family dropped me off at the airport so I can catch my flight to JFK. I booked the exit rows for extra room, with the hope I'd sit next to two, tall, hot guys. Instead I sat next to two sort Asian girls. Why does my luck suck?

New Year's in New York City


I got into JFK sometime after 8AM. Went to the ground transportation desk and booked myself a $17 SuperShuttle ride to my hotel in Midtown Manhattan. I ended up in a broken van and had to wait for another one to arrive. In the meantime, I met a nice family of girls from Vermont and chatted with them for a while. Coincidentally, we were all staying at the Sheraton NY Hotel & Towers.

I got to the hotel after 11AM and luckily was able to check in.

I was going to nap for a bit, but Joel had some free time and was able to meet up for lunch.

After lunch, I napped for a bit, as I didn't get much sleep on the plane.

Later on, I walked down through Times Square and Rockefeller Center, then down to Harold Square into Macy's. I saw a rat running around at Macy's. I got myself some things there and a scarf at H&M. One thing of culture shock... the lack of anything from the cashiers who rang me up.

I walked back to Times Square, stopped by Europa Cafe for some dinner, and sat next to a group of hot British boys... well hot except for their god damn teeth! LOL. Later a gay Russian couple sat next to me.


I somehow spent most of the daytime asleep. Joel informed me of some bad news at work before I headed out to see The Wedding Singer: The Musical. The show was in its final week of its Broadway debut run and managed to score a seat in the last row, last seat (audience left). The theatres in SF have obstructed views from the upper mezzanine, but here, it was a good seat. Being tall, I was able to see most of the stage quite perfectly. And the show.... Stephen Lynch is a cutie. There's even an Imelda Marcos impersonator in the show. I was literally LMAO when I found out that the asian looking girl with the big hair, who threw a box of shoes was Imelda. There's even some tagalog lyrics in the closing number!

Now he's a pet peeve I have... as soon as the last number ends, people get up and leave like it was a movie. You DON'T do that while the cast is doing their bows. That's just tacky and disrespectful.

After the show, I bought a few items from the souvenir shop and flirted a bit with the guy there. What?? He was cute. I even used my United Business card that has RAPP81.COM imprinted on it just in case he noticed it... He did notice the United card and made a remark about the miles I'll be getting :P

I later went to the Upper East Side to Joel's apartment. We had a couple rounds at a nearby Irish pub.


I started the day shopping along 5th Avenue. Stopped by AnF, where OMG 4 floors of pure hotness. There was also a shirtless model taking pics, so of course I had my pic taken with him :P And a little known fact (to me) about apparel tax: If an item is under $110, there's no sales tax. So yeah, I bought a few things :)

Spent the day walking around Central Park. I stopped by a food stand, and had a hot dog and hot coco for lunch. While eating, a guy comes up to me and asks if I'm from Hawaii or California. I said California, and he replied back saying that he guessed it because I looked too laid back. Wow... He later offered me a pair of 2007 glasses for $5. I figured sure, since they were going for $6 in actual stores around town.

I tried to get a ticket in the lottery for Wicked, but that was a no go :( The show's sold out till April.

After that, I went back to my hotel, grabbed my baggage that I left after I checked out of my hotel, then headed to Joel's. I settled for a bit, then had dinner with him at a Thai place nearby.


Joel's friend, Adam, came in from Ohio. Joel went to work for a bit and came back. Adam was still napping. The two venture out around town, while I went back to midtown to catch the matinee of Avenue Q. Yet another kick ass show... And the guy who does the voice of Princeton and Rod... uber cute :P

After the show, I went back to Joel's, chilled for a bit then had dinner with Joel and Adam. We head back to the apartment to get ready for a Friday night out.

We head to a sports bar only to find a ton of frat boys (yea for me, but boo for them). So we eventually meet up with Joel's friend Tabber at another bar. Soon we head to a club in lower Manhattan where I was offered coke by a gay guy who was with us. Dear God! :/

I was already quite liquored up, thanks to Tabber who offered a few rounds, and had a good time.

Mary was finally settled back at her apartment in Greenwich Village, so after my drunken night, I managed to make it over to her place. She and I were still stuck on west coast time, so we ended up watching the Girls Gone Wild informercial before calling it a night at 5AM.


Mary and I had a late start, but eventually had lunch at a Thai place near NYU, all the while walking around the area. Later, we went down to lower Manhattan, walked around SoHo, Chinatown, Little Italy (where we had the most awesome canolis), Ground Zero, Wall Street, and back up via the Subway.

Later, we met up with Joel and Adam at Pianos where the two were getting their game on :P

Mary and I soon went back to Greenwich Village, tried to walk up around Chelsea, only to find out that most of the gay hot spots were dead.


I had brunch with Joel, Adam, and Robin -- who I also met with Joel in Europe in '05. I haven't seen Robin since Europe, so it was really good to see her :)

Walking back, I waked in the opposite direction, so I had to back track... oops.

Now the rest of the stuff... will post in the morning. I'm beat!

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