Rex (rapp81) wrote,

New Year's WIR (Part 2)

(Refresh Post)

New Year's Eve (Cont'd)

Mary and I head over to her friend Denise's in the East Village for a pre-party. Boxed wine and h'orderves. Mmmmm... LOL

Mary's friends are pretty awesome and lucky for me, a couple of gay guys were in the mix :)

Soon, we headed on the Subway to Brooklyn, where their friend, Peter (who looks like SJSU Justin -- height and face) was having a massive party at his apartment. He lived on the top floor of his building, thus got easy access to the roof where you can see all of Manhattan! We counted down from up there and had a blast.

By this time, I was pretty hammered and trying to dial out to my west coast peeps was a difficult task. (It also didn't help that I couldn't even get a cell channel to actually dial out on!)

I could have done the massive SMS thing, but I could barely type on my Treo and also I was real short on my allotment of outgoing SMS for the month.

After midnight, it was funny to chat it up with "the other gays" at the party, poking fun at some of the breeders being that... breeders. LOL

One of Mary's gay friends, Benji, kept hitting on straight guys. (and I thought I was bad in this). It got to the point where the girl of one of the guys Benji was hitting on, questioned whether or not the guy was gay. Poor Benji, he tried so hard to convert (and I really mean tried so hard). I had to give them the, "it happens to all of us" hugs as we left the party.

New Year's Day

Got a late start to the day, but eventually Mary and I had brunch. Afterwards, I took a nap, then got ready to head over to JFK. I booked a SuperShuttle, but it was almost an hour late. In the SuperShuttle was this one FOB, a family from the UK (which one member was a total DILF) and this lady from SoCal's Inland Empire, whom I chatted with on the way to the airport.

Check-in was quick (since there were not a lot of United flights leaving for the rest of the night) and I got through security (through the business class line) pretty quick as well.

While waiting for my flight, there were three young UK lads playing some sort of card/strategy game. Mmmm, and they had straight teeth! Too bad they were in Economy Plus though :(

I was paged to the gate counter and was asked if I would like to switch from 6C to 11A so a couple can sit together. I figured sure, since this increased my chances of sitting next to a cute single guy.

Well, I got on the plane, only to realize that I was in the last row for business class (with a loud ass kid who didn't shut up during the flight a couple of rows back in the main cabin) and next to a girl who had to upgrade in order to fly out for missing her earlier flight. Argh. The girl was cute though.

I've never flown anything above coach before, so this was awesome! Reclining chairs, thick blankets and pillows, so much legroom, yummy food and constant drinks (in actual glasses).... We even had personal DVD players with noise cancellation headphones (to drown out that damn kid behind me).

I ended up falling asleep in my chair while watching Pirates of the Caribbean. I don't think I have ever had a nice, solid sleep on a plane before.

From the departure delay, I didn't arrive to SFO until about 12:40a. As I waited in baggage claim, a bunch of us realized that United screwed up and placed our baggage on the adjacent carousel. Luckily I didn't wait too long so as soon as I grabbed my last bag, I walked out with my uncle and aunt already waiting for me at curbside.

Ok, I know many of you are asking... no gay clubs/bars during your trip to the Big Apple? Mary and I tried hitting some spots on Saturday night, but it was REALLY dead. The original plan was we would hit something in Chelsea for NYE as we thought the original plan of hitting Peter's wasn't going to happen. I did manage to have a good time out there, even though I didn't get a chance to check out the "scene". My God, am I getting turned off by "the scene"?? LOL

As soon as Mary sends me pics from NYE, I'll post them :)

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