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I know it's been a while... nothing too eventful happened for the past couple of weeks, other than commuting/carpooling down to Santa Clara for work.

I drove solo to work via 680 instead of carpooling as I was going to stay down in the South Bay to celebrate Greg's birthday.  It took me 1:40 to drive down there.  Ugh... it sucked, and not in the good way.

After work, I drove to Chris's (crhalecrhale) (1 block from Capital Expwy & Snell).  I would have rather gone to Greg's, which is like a block from the Watergarden (LOL), but he was at Chrissy's.  Being a dumbass, I decided to take the freeway to 87.  I should have taken surface streets all the way to Almaden and cross over from there.

Chris and Angela were outside with the dogs and Amber was upstairs getting ready.  Chris prepared mexican coffee for me and Angela.  Soon, we headed to Genji, the Japanese steak house on First and Gish.  Justin was already waiting in his new truck (which I just found out he got, considering he traded his Prius for it back in August).  Stefan (schnup009schnup009) was already at the bar having a drink and we joined him.  Chrissy and Greg soon arrived and later went to our table.

The food was ok.  The steakhouse in Pleasanton (where I got hella drunk with my coworkers) was way better, imo.

Chris and Amber gave Greg a birthday bag filled with random stuff from Target.  Yes, Chris can be so creative!  lol

We then headed to Greg's to drop off our cars and take Greg's Range Rover downtown.  We went to The Brit for a few pitchers of beer and played some drinking games... yeah so undergradish but whatever!  lol.  Roshnee also came along.  Apparently she has this bf, but I don't think any of us have ever seen said bf.

It never ceases to amaze me to see the same drunk losers in Downtown SJ.  I'm not referring to us, but people like "the guy I say has no ass, but Roshnee hooked up with him and thought he was hot".  I was walking to the rest room at one point and some dude asked him what he was up to.  He responds with "getting drunk as usual".  The sad thing is, it's EVERY NIGHT with this dude, for the five or six years that I've known him.

We ended up buying more pitchers than we can consume, so we went to a random table and just handed our pitchers to them, saying we couldn't finish them.

After the Brit, we went to The Blank for 80s night.  There's a new bouncer there that seems like a dick... well, according to Chris.  The old bouncer was hella cool.

We all danced there for a bit, even saw some old Joe West folk from my first year of college (99/00).

Soon we headed back to Greg's and the ones who had to drive sobered up for a bit.  I ended up crashing on the love seat, watching some random thing on TV.

I woke up, got ready, and drove for about 15 minutes to work!  That was awesome!

After work, I drove up 680, or crawled up I should say, only to get a text message from John saying he had to post pone our plans for that night, with a good reason.  I ended up not doing anything.

The Dish installer came a few minutes early from the 8-12 window I was told.  So I delt with that for the rest of the morning.

Later on, I went to 1220 to meet up with John.  it was a White Trash party.  When he finally showed up, all he was wearing was a black wife beater, black briefs, and black cowboy boots.  OMFG!  And he pulled it off quite well.  I was practically drooling!  :P

After a couple of hours there, I drove to SF to meet up with Joe.  He was there with his friend from UCD and soon meet up with Maria (CHS '99).  So it ended up being a DLS/CHS night in the Castro.  We went to The Bar then ended the night at Badlands.  Joe has never been to Badlands before and he had an awesome time!  For the longest time, since we've been both out, I've wanted to take him out to the Castro.

Joel earlier SMS'd me from Vegas, telling me he was at a club and was next to the cast of Queer Eye.  Mind you this is the str8 lawyer from NYC, whom I met in Europe.  While I was at Badlands, he called me to tell me that he tried to get one of the guy's number for me, but they were all swamped with other guys.  Oh Joel!  LOL

Maria went with her friends elsewhere to the city and I drove Joe back to WC BART.

After dropping Joe off, I called up John to see how the rest of his night went.  I'm glad he was able to do what he did, because it took a lot for him to even go through with it.  It was a hot sight, if I must say :)

After the usual family stuff, I spent most of the day catching up on sleep.

So there ya have it!


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