Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Birthday WIR

I ended up driving myself to work as my coworker called in sick. After work, I hung out with Greg and Justin at their place. We ended up watching Jepordy and Wheel of Fortune, in HD nonetheless (LOL). Then we watched a couple of episodes of Gay, Straight, or Taken?. Being the token gay guy, I figured out who was who in the first episode in just the first three minutes of the show. And I was freaking right!!! But the second one was uber hard. Although I did get the straight, mexican make up artist right!

I drove Greg to Macaroni Grill in Milpitas to meet up with Chrissy, Angela, and Lauren, all of whom were surprised at my appearance! (Justin decided to stay home). Me had mediorcre service and I think we overtipped, but all we had were 20s, and we didn't want to bother breaking them for just having a $1 returned back to all of us.

Freeze tag @ Stanford. It's been a year since I've done it, and I'm a tad out of shape. And of course, did the In 'n Out thing afterwards and almost closed out the place. Zeb and Jon got into an interesting convo, as usual... which are really good to listen and chime in on.

Nothing too eventful

Low key, but good birthday fun. We had dinner at Straits in Santana Row. The food was actually pretty good. And I was in great company. What more could I want? Greg, Justin, Chrissy, and even Geno made a cameo!

Afterwards, we went to the Midtown Safeway to get some ice cream, and headed back to the guys' house.

Poor Greg was still recovering after his super bowl drunkeness the night before so he called it an early night.

Stefan (schnup009schnup009) calls me up from the Blank to greet me then hands the phone to freaking Brian Trenner! He's apparently back in town after his training.

Alright... this birthday may sound kinda meh, but I still had fun. Maybe I am getting old... not caring that I partied my ass off! LOL

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