Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Overdue WIR

Yeah, I know I had a TON of time to come up with a post, but I actually did some tasks and made a few phone calls during my unexpected time off from work...

Last Friday was Joe R's birthday, so Anthony and I headed down to SF to celebrate.  We met him and his friends at the Westin St. Francis, met a cute friend of his, had some drinks, then headed over to Ruby Skye.  Three gay guys (Joe, Will - Joe's friend, and myself) and one straight guy was part of the core group, along with a few others and some straight guys who weren't really part of the core.

Well, Joe bonked out by 1AM, after me having to buy him a pack of cloves at the nearby liquor store, and by the time we got back to the hotel, he totally passed out.  We went for pizza before going back to the hotel, and apparently Joe didn't remember that, nor why a condom was on the floor, next to his bed :P  Nah, nothing really happened with him, except the usual poke and tease the passed out drunk.

At about 5:45 in the morning, we heard the doorbell ring frantically next door.  Anthony investigated and hotel staff was trying to get into the room.  You see, we had access to that room because the separating door inside was left unlocked.  But after Joe's friend of a friend was calling some chicks over to score, we decided to shut and lock our side and not to deal with that.  Something happened where hotel management was aware that the room next door was occupied, when it wasn't booked, (whether it be a retard who lifted something in the mini bar or what) but there was a huge commotion going on that stretched till 7AM.

We basically ignored it, got a call from a manager a few hours later, and basically said we didn't know who was next door or what was going on.

Jump to Tuesday... I went down to SJ/Santana Row for Chris's (crhalecrhale) birthday at Maggiano's.  I got there a little early and ended up bumping into Angela.  We passed the time at Starbucks as we waited for the rest to show up.

Eventually everyone did show up and we sat down.  WE HAD THE MOST YUMMY SERVER, WITH A CHISELED BUBBLE BUTT!  Katie, who's a server there, joined us for dinner, so I had to ask her, "What's Jerry's deal?"  "Engaged, with child on the way... she's 2 months pregnant.  They've only been dating for four."  AArrrrgghhh!  "Well, does he need some releif? :P"

I got a little tipsy off two lemon drop martinis.  I almost nutted in my pants when Jerry came up and asked "do you want another lemon drop, bro?" or "do you want another coffee, bro?"  Yeah, my fucking obsession with the expression "bro".

Anyway, dinner was awesome, and thanks to Katie, we got a 50% discount off the per person cost of the family style meal.  When deciding what to pay and chip in for extra tip, I said, let's make it easy and bump the total tab up to $300 (there were 9 of us) and split it from there.  We figured about $37.50/person, with the exception of Katie (who barely ate and chipped in like $20) and the birthday celebrant.  I was the first one to chip in and just put 2-$20s down, saying that I don't need any cash back because Jerry well deserved the HUGE tip :P  Everyone else basically chipped in the same.'

And on to last night... A couple of weeks ago, I signed up at 24 Hour Fitness since I get a discount from Kaiser (no enrollment, just $34.99/mo + 1 add'l member @ $20.99/mo, month-to-month, first & last month's dues).  Along with that, I signed up for the 5 PT sessions for $55.  I was supposed to have my first PT session last night, but when I got there, I found out that I wasn't booked.  Whatever.  I did some time on the tredmil and left.  It was way too crowded for my taste and there wasn't much eyecandy during "straight prime time"  LOL

I start back working in Santa Clara on Monday after yet another unexpected hiatus.  Whohoo! :)


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