Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Another Overdue WIR

Yeah it's been a long while, and I apologize.  When I am working, my days are long, and when I'm off, I'm job hunting, so it leaves me little time to do a lot of posting.  But I have been keeping up on my daily LJ reading :)

Week-before-last IR (in brief)
Saw Zodiac with John at the Walnut Creek 14.  This was my first time seeing a movie at a Century since the Cinemark aquisition.  It was weird seeing the staff wear Cinemark name tags.

Went to the Castro with Scott (biglovescottbiglovescott).  Bumped into Randy (sjh22asjh22a), Mike W. (nightvznnightvzn), and another friend of theirs (who I forgot, because I was trashed -- thanks to Scott!).

Last week IR

Went to Matt's (dancin_whiteydancin_whitey) 30th Birthday party down in Mountain View.  John came along with me and ended up buying Matt's rainbow, neon Coors Light sign for $50. Matt had already posted an ad on Craigslist for it, but John decided to buy it on the spot.  Leave it to John to do some impulse shopping at a party, nonetheless!  lol.

Afterwards, John and I headed to Milpitas where there was a private shopping event at the Western Warehouse at McCarthy Ranch.  Yeah, he needed to buy some stuff there, and boy he did! heh.

On the way back, we tried to hit a nice spot to eat, but since I don't know of any non-fast food places open past 10 along I-80, I suggested Daimo in Richmond/El Cerrito.  But the smell was too intense for John, so we settled for In 'n Out in Pinole.

Had a LONG day with the family.  It was my grandfather's death anniversary (so in Filipino tradition, we celebrated it).  Yeah.  It involved mass, grave visitation and prayer, lunch (in Vallejo -- ugh), and post-lunch gathering at my aunt's house.

I was able to take a quick nap and have John pick me up to head down to Sundance.

On the job front
Working down in Santa Clara and commuting is really taking its toll.  So is the unexpected work stoppages (which is the main reason why I haven't relocated back down there). I've updated my resume on monster and I've been agressively looking for better things.  I've been on a few interviews these past couple of weeks and even call backs for things I was being considered for months ago, but due to closing reqs, was unable to continue with those positions.


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