Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Boo... No more "I don't want you to actually reach me, trick" phone #!

I guess SJSU UCAT finally did an audit, because my DID (direct inward dial) number (408-924-7833) has finally been disconnected and disabled from the Intecom PointSpan switch :( But my Centigram VMbox is still active *shrugs*

In cause you didn't know, I had a custom ordered analog line during my last year in the dorms at SJSU (2001-02) and it never got disconnected until this week.

For years since then, I've used that number to hand off to guys if I really didn't want them to reach me, but insisted they get my number. Since that line would ring to my old mailbox, they would be able to leave me a message and I could, dial in and listen to them -- not necessarily call them back, though.

Oh yeah, first day on the new job was awesome... will post later :)
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