Rex (rapp81) wrote,

I'm still alive!

It's been an interesting couple of weeks!

My new job is aboslutely fabulous!  The boss is awesome and the group I work with is also great =)

Just a recap, I know work for First Republic Bank at their corportate office in SF.  (Yes, I'm one of those Financial District-ians... lol) For you East Bay folks, FRB is the one who recently acquired the Bank of Walnut Creek.  And speaking of acqusitions, FRB is in the midst of being acquired by Merrill Lynch, who will keep FRB running as a separate entity under the ML umbrella.

Now on to the social items...

Last weekend, I visited the SJSU crew and we went bowling -- but not before Chris's (crhalecrhale) had me take shots of Jager and then some!  The following night, I went down to KoC, as Adam kept pestering me and I made an appearance there.

On Thursday, I had lunch with Helen.  She pointed out that she's never really hung out with me sober... LOL

This weekend, I dragged Joe R. to the city, where I got crazy drunk and well, let's just say last call at Badlands was pretty interesting!  Thankfully, Joe drove us back to The WC, just in time for us to grabe some take out from Mel's before they closed.

And some other news...

I had to give up the rental car I've been using since the accident and I'll be w/o a solid car until I'm able to get my new car in a few months.  Some of you already know what I'm eyeing -- I just now have to place an order so I can get the exact model I want.  I think I'm gonna hold off on saying what I'm getting because I've already made some of my friends extremely jealous after I told them what I'm planning to get :P

Also, I anticipate moving to SF sometime during the summer... Oh yeah, working and livin' in the city, baby!  It's gonna be sweet :)


Oh yeah, check out the pic of my sister's hand in today's SF Chronicle!

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