Rex (rapp81) wrote,

The May Post

So it looks like I'm posting on a monthly basis now --

Well, actually I did make a quick post on LJ & Facebook and a bulleting post on MySpace... lol

As some of you may know, this past month was a hectic one.  To recap, my aunt suffered a stroke on May 1st, suffered another one a couple of weeks later, then passed away on the 20th.  So things have been chaotic and emotionally straining this month.

Other than that, things are actually going pretty well.  Still loving the new job (how long does it take for the "new" status to fade away?).  We had our State of the Company meeting last week.  It was real interesting seeing all of the people who work at our corporate office and put some actual real life faces (other than the facebook mugshots we have on our intranet phone book) to the people we deal with on a daily basis.

During the meeting, we found out some of the changes in benefits that were going to happen -- all of which are for the better.  Oh, I already knew this, but haven't mentioned it here, but we get a 15% retention bonus if we stay on board 4 months after the close of the acquisition.  How sweet it that??

And I must reiterate again, I work with an awesome group of people in such a drama free environment.  It is a HUGE contrast from KP.

Alright, enough gloating!  LOL

Ok, one more moment of gloating -- I got my business cards today :P

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