Rex (rapp81) wrote,

I'm stuck at SFO

Back story:

Since I'm with my cousins, I had to find a CHEAP way to get to Cancun (oh yeah, that's where I'm going for vacation right now -- in case you didn't know).

So I booked on Delta, which had us go up to Cincinnati, then down to Cancun.

Well, due to the mess in the midwest, our original flight to Cincinnati was delayed enough to the point where we would miss our connecting flight to Cancun.

So they booked us on a 6 AM flight to Salt Lake City, with a connecting flight to Cancun, which is a little more logical.

But here's the twist where I essentially get screwed. Everyone else in our party gets upgraded to first class but me for the flight to SLC. WTF???

If I had booked on United and this happened to us, we'd all be on first class :P

But I digress, it's only a 1.5 hour flight... so I'm not stressing too much.

We are all booked on business class for the flight to Cancun, so I guess that's a consolation. :)
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