Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Cancun Post

Nothing major happened once I landed in Cancun.

I spent most of the day either by the pool or by the beach, admiring the pleathora of hot guys visiting.

Our first night out, we hit Daddy Rock, by our hotel. Interesting crowd -- of freaking HS kids out being horny. Yuck.

During the latter part of the evening, I noticed a trio of 20-somethings: two guys and a girl. One of the guys was totally dancing with the chick, but shook his ass so much I wondered if the girl was with the other guy. After more observation, I saw wedding bands on the girl and the other guy. So yeah, the guy totally shaking his ass was gay. But of course, by the time I had the courage to say something to him, they headed off :(

We met a random dude who was staying in Cancun for a couple of months from Aptos. And I think there were a few other guys from the Bay -- one of which was kinda hot in a buff way.

During our trip we also raided WalMart -- the only time we'd all step foot in one, to buy food for the week. Since we had a full kitchen, we thought it would be wise to do a lot of cooking rather than eating out.

Early in the week, we looked at renting a car for the week, but we didn't anticipate the liability coverage we needed for the week. It was either purchase liability coverage at $30 USD/day or put a $5000 deposit on a credit card. We decided that just taking the bus would be best.

Since our hotel was on the lagoon side, far from the beach, and it was a time share excange, we decided to book a couple of nights at the Omni Hotel -- where they charged us for unopened cans of Tecate that was taken out of the fridge. Their explanation was that the beer was spoiled since it was taken out of the fridge -- sealed. Retards. We're writing a letter to corporate.

My cousin Karina left on Friday, and on Friday night, the rest of us went to Senior Frogs. Again, horny ass high school kids were all around, and even participated in a wet t-shirt contest. Nothing more disgusting for a gay guy than to see a bunch of horny ass high school girls in wet tshirts. *vomits* There were some questionable boys there :P

Other quick hottie highlights: the trio brit boys (with straight teeth), the trio French boys, and the trio americans -- all at the time share hotel. Why do hot guys always travel in threes???

I got slightly burned on the shoulders, despite using SPF 60+, but all in all, I had a relaxing time.

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