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I think it took until today to fully catch up on lost sleep from the weekend.  Now how sad is that??  lol

Towards the end of my workday it was revealed that my flight from SFO to LAX was delayed for three hours, due to a weather mess back east.  Yuck... I could have driven!  So I killed time in the office then headed over to BART to ride to SFO.

While waiting at the gate, there was a kids' playground next to the gate, with hyperactive children running about -- at 10:45 in the evening.  Good God!

Luckily, I had the entire row to myself on the plane and was able to fly in peace.

Ken picked me up at LAX and we drove down to Anaheim to check into the hotel.

Upon arrival at the hotel, there were a couple of cute drunk boys trying to catch a cab.  We would have invited them up to our room if it weren't for the fact that the lady at the front desk tried to pull up a reservation under my middle name.  You see, on my driver's license, my long ass name takes two full lines exactly as illustrated below:

                    POBLETE II

I eventually catch on to exactly what was going on, and she finds my reservation.

When we checked in, I surfed the available Falcon and Colt selections on the gay-porn on demand section, and even tried to order a selction -- only to get a "this selection is sold out" message.  Mmmph!

Ken and I do a late check out, then headed to the Disneyland resort.  We had lunch at the Cantina in Downtown Disney, where we were seated near a table full of cute gay guys and were served by an extremly hyper server.  BTW, the margaritas at this place are surprisingly the bomb!

We then went to the park, did a few rides, went to grab a Jamba Juice (in a FOAM cup!), back to the park and then some!  My camera broke sometime during the day :(

After Disney, we headed up to West Hollywood, where we spent most of the night at the Cantina.  We started chatting it up with a couple of cute latino guys and did so for the rest of the night.  After last call, we headed back towards the PDC where we chatted someone.  One of the guys got real flirty with me and eventually we made out.  We all headed to the car, but only to have the guy I was making out with pass out -- and I mean pass out!  WTF?  Ken and the other guy did their own thing while I just sat in the car :/

We eventually head off and don't make it back to Ken's till 4AM.

We hauled ass to head over to Camarillo via Highway 126.  Never ventured out west that way before.  It was a boring drive!

Although we were slightly late, so was the wedding.  heh.  Chris S spotted me so we sat next to him and his wife, Krystal.

During the wedding, I saw Patti (our HS drama director) walk down the aisle as she went to the restroom.  OMG... Patti was there!

Kevin and Anne looked so adoreable!

After the wedding, all of us DLS/CHS (well, Heather was the only one from CHS outside of the groom's sisters) were outside chatting.  We caught up with one another and took pictures (Bryan... soooo need the pics your mom took!)

The wedding reception was about 20 miles away in Oxnard, so Ken and I treked over there, only to be stuck on the 101 for almost an hour!  Ugh..

We checked in to the hotel were the wedding was at and took a nap.

The reception was off the wall... hosted wine and beer, dancing, more catching up, it was great!

After the reception, we partied some more in the Cozzoli suite, which was next door to ours.  We had the shared door, so it came to good use!  When Kevin's parents called it a night, we migrated over to our suite.  So it was Ken, me, Chris (kevin's brother), Jessica (Kevin's sister), Eve, and the cousins James and Daniel.

James and Daniel, who are brothers, are a bit interesting.  I'll leave it at that! =P  It was real cool to meet them.

Slightly hung over, Ken and I packed up and headed over to Kevin and Anne's apartment for brunch.  They opened their wedding presents after we had bagels and mamosas :)

Soon, Ken and I left for my drive back to LAX.  We stopped by WeHo for a late lunch, to admire the nice eye candy walking along Santa Monica Blvd.

Today is Saturday and I think I've finally got myself back to my normal sleep schedule that was skewed from all of this!  LOL

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