Rex (rapp81) wrote,

DVR Goodness

First off, the latest episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation... It circles around Manny, the Filipina character and her DEBUT... OMGF! I was literally ROTFLMAO! Leave it to the Canadians to portray such a Filipino "tradition" LOL

Then there was VH1's Best Week Ever. The ones who were having the BWE were those YouTubing their reactions to some video on the net. They didn't really give a lot of hints on what the video was, so I had to go and do some cyber-investigating (see, I can use this term in this context! :P)

Below is my reaction, which you should see first:

(Sorry for the bad rendering at the beginning... YouTube's issue --- meh)

Then if you dare, prep your video recorder (if you wish) and watch the following WITH CARE (NWS at all!)

Click Here
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