Rex (rapp81) wrote,

New Orleans in Brief

Ate at several fantastic restaurants

Got blazing drunk several nights

Closed out the dancefloor on a couple of nights

Chatted it up a hot, yet straight bartender at the W

Met some interesting people

Randy (sjh22asjh22a) literally got dickslapped at the Corner Pocket

Visited the Laura Plantation -- which is a MUST see if you ever visit New Orleans

Saw a HOT guy make out with another hot guy on Mardi Gras and after some slight cyber investigating based off the polo shirt he was wearing, found out that he is an on air reporter the the NBC affilliate in the adjacent market.

Drove around the city, unexpectidly

Got a ton of beads

Did a vampire tour

Got blazing drunk... oh wait, I already said that!

I had an awesome time with some good friends and was able to make a few more friends on this trip!
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