Rex (rapp81) wrote,

SF Pride Weekend

Friday Night:
Went bar hopping in the Castro. Actually saw Scott (formally known as aairnaairn) for the first time since I’ve been living in the city! Go figure the first time would be during pride!

Saturday Night:
Tried Pink Saturday… stomached it for like an hour then left to a house Aaron and Sid were house sitting at in Noe Valley.

Sunday Night:
Sanctuary! Bumped into Proby at check coat and danced the early morning away till dawn :P

Got into work at noon just in time for my staff meeting, with sunglasses on and energy drink on hand. Most of the day was fine, until I replied to all on Mariah’s emai which went to the ENTIRE IS Department in SF. Since we’re on Exchange, I recalled it as soon as I realized what I did! So embarrassing! I ended up being one of “those”!

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