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Hmm… Portland was AWESOME!

Cari and I hit some of the gay spots, but it was like spending a night at 1220.  Although some of the boys were indeed checking me out — which is something I don’t experience in SF :P

The weekend was also the weekend of Portland’s Beer Festival.  We went both days, with Kimberly, my bank’s consultant who I was working with, joining us the second day.  A couple of random guys from Dallas came up to us and asked if we knew any hot spots in Portland to hit on a Sunday night but we didn’t know.  They just ended up hanging with us for the rest of the night — major fun!

Then Monday came and I worked in our Portland office.  I shuffled around the office like crazy the entire day and managed to catch the earlier flight back to SFO — which was a good thing, since my original flight was delayed three hours :P

I was only in the office for two days, then I was off to my next destination: New Orleans :)   It was fun for the most part.  You can see a chronicle of events on my Facebook newsfeed :)   But for those who don’t have FB… um, I had a tweaker steal my iPhone.  Yeah, that was the highlight of my trip there.  Luckily I can get another one for the same upgrade price, but to shell out another $300 — not a huge dent, but a significant dent in my wallet.  The other significant event was my flight to and from New Orleans.  My flight to MSY from DEN was a disaster.  Sat on the runway for an hour, then back at the gate for another hour, then off the plane for another hour only to switch planes.  The plane’s navigation system failed.  The return flight, wow, again me being on standby for the earlier DEN-SFO flight saved me!  I took the last standby seat on the 767 (42E).  My original flight ended up being cancelled (which I found out after I landed back at SFO)

As for this upcoming weekend… Honolulu.  This trip’s for work.  Yeah, I know tough break!  I fly out on Saturday morning and will be returning Thursday Morning on the redeye.  At least it’s better than the 26 hours I was out there the last time!

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