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Latest Business Trip

So I’m gonna be lazy and just post my status updates from Facebook to sum up my business trip to Honolulu this past week :P

Times are posted in PDT (-3 for HST)

August 9

Rex is all packed and ready to go on his business trip. It’s gonna be a tough one… Honolulu and all :P. 12:08am

Rex is at SFO where he can’t wait to get out of the mist and fog and head into sun and tan white boys :P. 8:15am

Rex on board UA73, SFO-HNL, where the only hot guy in his cabin is in 6J while he’s in 3A. Plus there are two kids with their DILF in front of him :P. 8:47am

Rex has landed at HNL after sipping on two mai tais. 2:12pm

Rex thought he was going to drive away with a red Mustang convertible, only to find out that the remote control opened the trunk of the 80s-esque Lincoln next to it. 3:39pm

Rex is laying back at Diamond Head Beach. 6:20pm

August 10

Rex is eating a huge lobster pot pie… damn he’s gonna be a winner at Hula’s tonight — being all bloated! 12:26am

Rex is still stuck on PDT. He is going to be lame and plan out his actual work day tomorrow before heading off to bed. 12:59am

Rex needs to refrain from yelling “you’re fucking hot bro” out the window as he cruises the streets of Honolulu in his Mercury Lincoln rental. 12:21pm

Rex is at the FRIM Honolulu office… fun times! 1:13pm

Rex is kicking it pool before attending a luau. 4:56pm

Rex is oberving an entire AA crew load up in a shuttle. Go figure the Asian FA is the one with the most bags to bring back home with her. 6:48pm

Rex is about to head off to a luau… mostly paid for by work from his daily dinner allowance :P. 7:21pm

Rex wants to sucker punch the jersey trash middle aged guy in front of him for the canoe ride because he wont stop complaining like a total douchebag! 9:06pm

Rex is having a blast at the luau. 10:59pm

August 11

Rex is taking the bus back to Waikiki from the luau. Lets see if he can manage to hit Hula’s when he gets back. 12:13am

Rex is having a quick breakfast and is surrounded by some fine army men :P. 11:18am

Rex is waiting for the valet to bring his car. Meanwhile… mmmm…. military boys. 11:29am

Rex is working it at FRIM Honolulu. 2:32pm

Rex feels like he’s on I-880 as he drives from Downtown Honolulu to Waikiki. 7:38pm

Rex just can’t help but stare at the cute French boy here with his fam in the Exec Lounge. The boy is wearing tight jeans w/his fly down :P. 8:41pm

August 12

Rex managed to make it to Hula’s before the brief monsoon hit. 2:04am

Rex just got Rick Rolled at Hula’s. 2:37am

Rex is loving Hawaii. He thinks FRB should really expand there so he can permanently work there :P. 2:13pm

Rex says FMB to the Dilf wearing a San Jose Fire cap. 3:56pm

Rex just ran over a bird in Waikiki. 5:04pm

Rex really does feel bad for the bird :(. 9:38pm

August 13

Rex is back at the office — the First Republic Investment Management Honolulu office :P. 11:48am

Rex is enjoying his last few hours in Honolulu at the beach. 5:54pm

Rex is driving to HNL. :(. 10:42pm

Rex is on board UA76. Again, the hottest guy in his cabin is seated behind him :(. 11:38pm

August 14

Rex has landed at SFO. 4:44am

Rex thought he lost his house keys but found them burried deep in his FRB bag. He’s on a cab en route to HOME :) 5:37am

Rex is a zombie at work this morning. 8:28am

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