Rex (rapp81) wrote,

iPhone Recovery

I’m not sure everyone who’s outside of FB or work knew about this, but I had my newly purchased iPhone 3G stolen when I was in New Orleans a couple of weeks back.  Luckily, I had my work line on my account still eligible for an equipment upgrade, but I still had to shell out another $300 for another iPhone.

I haven’t had a chance to scour my membership details since I’ve been swapmped with work, but does anyone know if Visa Signature offers some sort of protection in these sorts of situations?  I did use my United Mileage Plus Visa Signature card when I made my initial purchase — so possibly I may be able to recoup something.

Meanwhile, ever since I’ve been back at work in the SF office, I’ve been slammed up against the wall, and not in the hot, sexy way :(  But at least the OT I’ve been pulling in these couple of weeks will essentially pay off my iPhone replacement!  lol

EDIT:  Fuck… “A police report (made within 48 hours of the occurrence in the case of theft), fire,
insurance claim, or loss report, or other report sufficient to determine eligibility for benefits.”

Oh well.  I’ll just treat the $300 as money I probably would have lost if I decided to gamble at Harrah’s in New Orleans :P

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