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Hotness in The WC - RAPP81's LiveJournal... Despite the name, there's no rap here! — LiveJournal
Time for some of Rex's eloquent rhetoric
Hotness in The WC

Bay Area Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot - Videos - KNTV
Source: video.nbc11.com
KNTV - Video - A red flag warning is back in effect in the Bay Area as the summer rapidly comes to a close.

Look at where Cheryl Hurd does her live shot... First Republic Bank, Walnut Creek - Civic! (formerly known as Bank of Walnut Creek Corporate)

I sometimes miss working at our office in The WC... especially now since our new IS office at FRB WC-Broadway has a window that faces Civic Center Park :P

Mmmm... The WC hotties! LOL
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crhale From: crhale Date: August 29th, 2008 08:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
Sunday is supposed to be cooler than the rest of the week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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