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RAPP81's LiveJournal... Despite the name, there's no rap here!
Time for some of Rex's eloquent rhetoric
Deleting MySpace on Election Day
I'd do it now, but I'm giving notice for those I can only contact on that POS site...

Reason is explained in my cancellation letter to Tom...



I'm disappointed in you.

Allowing such a bigoted and hateful group to advertise on your home screen... I'm talking about the Yes on 8 ads.

This is why you are losing to Facebook. It's because of crap like this!

You set your site's ads to tailor towards what one's sexual preferences are. And here you go allowing such a despicable ad to appear. At least money hasn't gone to Mark Zuckerberg. He didn't let money go to his head and turn his product to crap!

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic, Tom!


I rarely go on that site anyway. I was teetering on the thought of canceling, but this was the absolute final straw!

So Facebook is where I'll be solely from now on.
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