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Anyone on Thefacebook?

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Yes folks, I’ve signed up on another social networking site.  Thefacebook is a site taylored towards college students, alumni, faculty, and staff to find people in their respective campus, but you can add friends to your list regardless of which school they attend.  You can search people outside of your campus from by high school or other colleges, along with some searchable criteria

The only way to register on this site is if your school is on the site and if you have an actual school email address.  For those of you at SJSU, if you were admitted before (I think) Fall 2001, your Unix account should have been autogenerated and you’ll need to go to the help desk in WSQ with your Tower Card to get your user info.  If your account wasn’t autogened, go to the Unix Accounts Request Page and sign up for one. (BTW, an SJSU unix account not only gives you an email account, but gives you an FTP/Web account (the latter isn’t supported, but is do-able), off campus dialup, and an alternative to authenticate on the campus wireless network).  Alternatively for SJSU, if you have an email address on a subdomain or if you have a Lotus Notes account, you can use that as welll.

As for who I have listed friends right now, it’s essentially only those I knew from high school, thus I have no SJSU friends :(   Due to student email addresses being mandatory here, plus the fact that SJSU has only been recently launched on FB, not a lot of students are on there.

So if you’re already on board, add me.  All can see my profile here.

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