Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Almost Done!

I'm still in Hercules right now, heading back down to SJ in a few hours to take my last final... then I'm done!

I should start off by recapping the weekend

Monterey was fun... went to two bars downtown and stayed at the Marriot. There was only one room left when Brian called in for a reservation and the room had a king size bed. We met up with a few of Brian's friends and by the end of the night, most of us were really drunk. Going to Safeway before heading to the bars to buy alcohol helped out :) Justin, Greg, and I slept on the bed, while Brian, who was the most drunk, played pinball on his laptop. I was sleeping fine, until Greg hogged most of the space and I almost fell out of the bed.

Early in the daylight, we were still kinda tired. Brian decided to join us on the bed (and not in that way) and the four of us were just laying on this huge bed. (pic will be uploaded later)

Brian and I later went downstairs to use the WiFi. Soon, Greg and Justin left back for SJ. After checking out, Brian and I had brunch at The Brit then headed over to Carmel, where Brian once again played paramedic.

After Carmel, we went back to SJ. I chilled at the house for a bit, then went downtown to meet up with Brian and Greg. It was a very low key night

Went to KoC, but only for a short while... damn finals

There's the weekend!

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