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The Midweek Recap

I had my Bus 187 final... after that I took the bus back to the house then trekked up to the East Bay. I stopped by Fry's in Concord to look around. Then I went over to Sunvalley. There's more selection and availability there and VF... Everything at VF tends to be gone! I ended up getting 4 polo shirts. Now, for the longest time since about 2 years ago, I've exclusively been wearing large. After that I've been wearing medium. But now, for some shirts, I can actually wear small! I have never been able to wear an adult small shirt before in my life! Before you all start worrying, I'm not intending on slimming down to anything below a 31" waist. I'm actually quite happy with my current build... just wish the gut I have turns into something closer to a six pack :)

After Sunvalley, I drove home, had some leftovers in the fridge, then took a nap.

The vigil for Mrs. Galetto was well put. Apparently she orchestrated the entire thing, writing notes on several sheets of paper as she could no longer speak. She didn't want everyone to be sad, but happy throughout the entire service. Fr. Mangini made certain of that by sporting off both his Mickey Mouse and A's hats.

During the ceremony, Patti did a reflective dance to To Where You Are. I actually almost cried when she did that.

Before and after the vigil, I was able to see and catch up with Patti, Mrs. Smith (DLS registrar / Bro. Tom's assistant), Jessica Cozzoli, Nickie Santiago, Katy Libby, Mr. Jordan (senior year Christian Involvement... the last one ever @ DLS), Miss K., Miss Dennehy, and Blake Lennon.

I was chatting for a long time with Miss K and Miss D afterwards. Of course, the topic of the DLS Band came up. I mean 5 directors over the course of 1 and a half years... damn! Then Miss D was talking about her gripes with some of the decisions the administration has made... for instance the crazy founder's week schedule and the early graduation thing. Apparently her input gets ignored constantly by the administration. It's kinda sad when the students take everything Miss D says seriously, but not the administration. She was one of those teachers I never had, but wished I had. If I did have her, maybe I would be better at math :)

After we left the church, a bunch of us went to Denny's in Pleasant Hill. Patti met up with us and we all were catching up. Someone with us (totally forgot her name) kept saying to our server You're Amazing! Blake even wrote that out with french fries before we left (pics in Moblog). Most of the group, excluding myself and Patti, ended up having a sleep over at Jessica's apartment.

This night was surreal and weird for me. During the service, I was remembering what I was going through 2 years ago when my dad died. I could understand what Mrs. G's children and husband were going through, because I've totally been there. Everyone talked about how strong she was in battling her cancer. My dad was the same way with his.

While people were sharing what Mrs G meant to them, I remembered my senior year. Before I start this story off, let me give you a background of our productions. My high school did three shows a year: Fall drama, mid-year musical, and spring comedy. For the non-musicals, I either was on cast or on sets. For the musicals, I was in pit orchestra for the first 2, an usher for the third. I never really auditioned for the musical because I was usually interested in playing in the orchestra. Plus, I was afraid of singing on stage. Well my senior year, my friends convinced me to audition for Anything Goes. I chose Barely Breathing by Duncan Sheik. When I went up to sing, I started to get really nervous, but by the second verse, I was able to pull it together. After I finished my song, Mrs. G went up to me, put her arm around me, and said Wow, I'm really proud of you, guy! Great job! Well, needless to say, with the slight exception to my first few times at showing up to KoC from being shy in general, I can totally sing and rock the house! Heh.

Another memory about Mrs G wasn't too specific... just the fact that while I was in band, all of us preferred Mrs. G to sub for Miss K., than any other of the regular subs. We even went to lengths to say that Mrs. G should replace Miss K should leave DLS. In case you didn't know, Mrs G was the one who actually got the instrumental music department going at DLS, even though she was active with the vocal music department at CHS. So if you're keeping tabs with the director of bands at De La Salle, it goes like this: Elaine Galetto 89-9x> Pat Gross (9x-93) > Diane Klaczynski (93-99) > Laura Nettles (99-03) (insert cat sleeping in the band room, stealing from school, being retarded and manic comments here) > Susan Thomas (interim) (Q403) > John Christian (F03) (um, yeah) > Jesse Leyva (S04) > New guy from Palma HS in Salinas. Now why can't they find someone who will stay there forever, like Patti, who's been at DLS since 1970?

Took my last final... found out it had 80 MC questions. Yikes! After that I sold my books, (only got $111) saw Stefan making a delivery while crossing the street, then went to VF. I chatted with Alex at Aeropostale for a bit. Then Ricko showed up! That was too much. heh. After VF, I went to my usual meeting at SCU, then that was it for the day.

Oh my! KoC time in just a short while!!!! See you guys there :)

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