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Post-Final Events

I don't know why I didn't post about Wednesday night.... (must of been the crack I've been doing recently)

Brian, Greg, and I went to Gordon Biersch for dinner to celebrate Greg's last final being an undergrad. Our server was really cute (which is rare when I eat out with my friends) and the food was ok. Chris later joined us and we went to our usual downtown spots, Britannia Arms and O'Flaharaty's. Thinking it was the last day of finals, there would be a lot of people hanging out, but that wasn't the case. It was pretty dull.

Didn't do much during the day, except for moping along in the chatroom.

Before I left for KoC, I noticed Scott (aairn) on AIM and decided to IM him. I asked him if he was doing anything tonight and he said he might head over to work and chill there for a bit. Thinking to myself, there must be a better thing to do than to go to your place of work and hang (*contemplates my days back at Century*) so I suggested that he check out KoC, since it was going to be pretty packed due to the weeked.

I arrived, just in time to get a good spot on the list. My first song was To Where You are, which I dedicated to Mrs. G. This selection is NOT one of my usuals and Matt ([info]dancin_whitey) suggested that I not sing that ever again. (He failed to hear what I said before I sang it). After that, Matt and I sang In The End. I was a little drunk at this point, so I totally upstaged Matt on this one. I'm sorry, man :(

After Matt and I did our duet, Scott came up to me and introduced himself. I introduced him to the entire gang and hung out till he had to leave. Before he left, I told him he should come again Sunday. He said that he had to work at 4AM Monday morning, but would make an appearance. Well, since he posted earlier that he actually has Monday off, it should be more than an appearance [yes Scott, this is my somewhat subtile way to tell you that you should definietly stay for a bit :)]

Towards the end of the night, the crowd died down really fast. Matt and I were the last ones to sing for the night, with just a small handfull around.

I'll post what happened on Friday later...

Off to Greg's graduation party... Congrats Greg

Speaking of graduations... this one is a week overdue: Congrats also to Nate for graduating from De La Salle! You've survied more hurdles at that school than I did, specifically with the music department. And I thought my issues when I was in band were bad

Hey Nate, I've shown you these pics my sister took of you, right? Too funny :)

Heh... Catch ya all later-
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