Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Wohoo! I'm the only kid on the block with WiFi :)

So today, I went to Best Buy to get a Microsoft WAP for the house. It was on sale, plus with the good 'ol Best Buy Card, I can pay it off over 3 months interest free, since I am still kinda jobless. It took me a while to get the damn thing to work with my laptop, but it's working great now :)

After Best Buy, my brother had to go to the mall to get my mom's birthday present. Of course, he likes to stay local, so we head over to Hilltop. I try to avoid that mall at all costs. It's like going to Eastridge... There are like 3 stores I can shop at. Macy's, which is one of them, doesn't even carry the brands I like, and it's hella ghetto.

Had dinner for my mom's birthday tonight... My mom manages to know everyone we pass by in West County as she said hi to basically everyone in the restaurant.

So my first full 24 hours in Hercules is ending with me watching Daria on the satellite. Speaking of which, Dish Network now offers Sirius Satellite Radio. It's fucking awesome :)

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