Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Weekend Wrap-up


Freeze tag @ Stanford... Small group, but tons of fun. Not as strenous as the last time, but again, still fun.

After that, I decided to go to downtown SJ. Apparently it was Rachel's birthday and they were going to the Blue Tattoo. Well, I was dressed for tag, but not for the club, so I was DENIED! Besides, it was $15 to get in and it was way too ghetto for my taste. I ended up kicking it with Hale and Amber at Flat's, where the rest of the gang met up later on that night. Brian shaved his head, which was a shocker. I didn't even recognize him at first. I was like, Brian has that shirt... wait that IS Brian!

Rachel had along with her, her roommate Kristy and friend Marissa. Kristy was really sick and I ended up taking her and Marissa back to Rachel's, who happen to live in the same complex as Alex ([info]cekyr0)... Talk about a small world. I ended up texting him saying that I was just leaving his complex.

Usual family stuff in the morning.

Got a call from Fry's for an interview

Went to SSF for my 2nd cousin's grad party. My cousin showed us her new VW bug, that replaced the Mustang that got totalled when she tried to leave De La Salle after work. It's basically the same color as her bf's Acura. She didn't noticed that when she bought it.

Went in to the interview for Fry's... The realized right then and there that on my app, it said that my uncle worked there. I can't work at the same location. Dumbfucks! Oh well, I'm still waiting word from AE, and the outlook is good.

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