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Weekend Wrap-up

Drove down to SJ with the intent of meeting up with Greg for dinner or a couple of drinks. However, he was driving back from Groveland while I was driving down and his phone is retarded. Instead, I headed over to Valley Fair and kicked it there for a bit. I chatted with Alex at his store for a bit, then met up with Greg at his house.

Greg and I had a good talk about why he was up in Groveland. Afterwards, I invited him over to KoC and he came along. He got to hear me sing a couple of songs.

Matt ([info]dancin_whitey) and I did In The End again, but this time, I didn't upstage him. The night was kinda dead, but I still had a good time.

I didn't plan on going back to KoC, but Channel 104.9 was there so I went again. Scott (aairn) showed up, then the some of the other regulars showed up. It wasn't that big of a turn out, but it was ok

Yet another drive down to the South Bay... Went to Discovery Meadow, met up with Bjorn (entropyca) and David (deekers). Hung around for a bit. Also saw Rick (rickshaw). David left for work and Bjorn and I went around for some more. We approached a mechanical bull where the guys running it asked if we wanted to try it out. They practically begged us to ride, even a photog from The Merc, who was waiting for someone to ride it so she could take a picture. I ended up going first, then Bjorn, with both of us signing a waiver. Soon after that we parted. (Our pics didn't end up in the paper, btw)

I ended up over at VF (again!)... Spoke to Alex again, always great to see him. After that, I grabbed some lunch at the food court, where Scott spotted me. Sorta filled me in on events on the night prior and after that, went around the mall. When we went into Macy's, I saw Jamie and Ahmad.. they're both working there again.

After VF, I drove over to San Pedro Square, parked in the garage, and took a nap.

Then I drove over to Zeb's to meeet up for tag... After gathering the troops, I hitched with a ride with Bjorn over to Stanford. Tag this time around was way better! I'm still kinda sore today... The bull ride didn't help matters either! In case you didn't read, David ended up cutting his head after a failed rail jump attempt. He's fine, got a couple of stiches. Other than that minor casulty, tag was fucking awesome :)

We did our usual In 'n Out in Mountain View afterwards... Good times!

Ummm... blah. nothing much happened.
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