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So I logged on to PeopleSoft today to figure out when I can register for classes. It will be this Thursday afternoon. I still don't have mock schedules made out yet. Guess I should do that soon :/

I was going to call Manpower or at least check back with AE today, but after the events of this weekend, I've just been bogged down to do anything today (what else is new?). I spent most of the day slothing (as Katie would put it), watching old DLS band videos and random internet stuff.

Yesterday, my mom advised me that she might not join my brother and me in Tahoe in August... WTF?!? So we'll have a studio in South Lake Tahoe for a week. I just wished she transferred the timeshare to another locale. I honestly don't know why she likes to go to Tahoe in the Summer and NOT when there's snow. I haven't gone skiing since I was 12 and I want to learn how to snowboard really, really bad :)

I need a haircut this week. I'm debating whether or not if I should bleach my tips... I dunno. I wish I could go with the Josh Weston hair like Scott (aairn), but I don't think my skin tone would match well with it :(
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