Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Lacking Internet Access Sucks

I've been taking a lot of advantage of the campus WiFi and Business Building ethernet connections this past week, as I'm still w/o net access at my place. The new DSL modem should be in within the next few days.

First off, revising my LiveJournal posting policy. I'm just going to double-post as much as I can on both my blog and LJ. I originally thought this was going to be a hard task, but I found a way to make it really easy on me. One of the main reasons why I'm not abolishing my blog instead of fully jumping ship over to LJ is purely because of the way I have total control over my content.

Ok, now on to the weekend wrap-up (which is long overdue)

Saturday, I went down to SJ to get settled into my new place. My new roommate was at a concert and wasn't going to be back late. I called up Christina to ask what she was doing that night. She and Katie were going to SJ Bar and Grill, so I met them there. After a bit, they went to Toons (which I have never went to before). I got bored there and decided to head off. During my time there, I sent a drunken text message that pissed Greg off. I apologized to him for sending such a horrible message. Chris wrote about the latter part of that night here. (Chris actually updated his blog!!) When we were about to leave, there were parking tickets on our cars. We weren't suppose to park between 2A-6A. Damn CSJ! However, when I looked at my ticket, I noticed that they got my license plate wrong! Dumbasses! I don't have to pay... muhahah!

I ended up crashing at Brian's who insisted he make tempura. So he did. After that I crashed.

Sunday, we went to the Esplanade where Matt was having a Super Bowl Party. We BBQ'd outside and watched the game inside. We all missed the half time boobage because we were outside playing football. Damnit. After the game, Casey ([info]theblank) picked me up and took me to my car which was over at Brian & Hale's. Then we headed off to KoC.

I only had three hours of sleep Sunday night so my alarm @ 7:45A on Monday was a rude awakening. I ended up missing my bus, being late for my 9AM, but it was ok. The prof just went over the green sheet and let us go. The same thing happened for my noon class. Why couldn't my profs last Thursday do the same thing? They all took the entire 1:15. Later on Monday night, I went to KoC to try out suicide karaoke. The crowd was small, but it was a good night.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, I went to class, got home at around 6:45, moved some stuff around my computer, and ended up sleeping at around 8:15. When I woke up again it was already 2 and I just fell back asleep.

This morning on my way to class, I saw Todd ([info]zzar) in the Business Courtyard in line at Jazzland. I went up to him and we chatted for a bit as he got his cookie and coffee.

Now on to the shocking, yet not so amazing revelation: Tomorrow I turn 23. Whoo! I will be officially old :) I'm probably going to have dinner with some friends then head off to the usual KoC night. I'm not really making this birthday a big one... 23 isn't much of a milestone. 21, of course. 22, just something simple, but 23... eh, it's 23... I'm not as youthful as I was now.

Before I came upstairs to the comp lab, I was chatting with my cousin. Apparently, she has an interview @ DLS tomorrow for a development coordinator position. It would be kinda weird if she ends up getting the job. I would never imagine anyone in my family working at DLS or CHS. She would be a good fit though, considering that she did graduate from CHS and is familiar with the two campuses.

Haha, there's a line to get into the comp lab now... I'm just going to piss people off and play some online games!

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