Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Like Hilltop Will Follow Suit...

So I'm checking out the CCTimes online and read an article about those in East County who are signing a petition to bring The Gap to Antioch. They already have a PacSun and are slated to have a Macy's open soon.

Damnit... Concord & Antioch are the only cities in Contra Costa that have such stores like PacSun. Freaking Hilltop in ghetto Richmond used to have a PacSun, but they pulled out several years ago. Hale could totally back me up on this one... we can't find any decent clothes to buy while shopping at Hilltop. Well, there is Anchor Blue, but that's about it. You would think I could get something at Macy's, but all they have are clothes that taylor to one specific niche demographic.... which is not mine at all. The Macy's at Sunvalley at least has an eclectic selection! Pinole used to have an Old Navy, but they pulled out as well. One of my pet peeves while living in Hercules was the fact I had to commute to do anything. Nothing is in West County. No cool bars, no decent clothing stores, nada. Well, I guess it's for the best since Central County has way more eye candy than West County :P. I may sound like a traitor to my own hometown, but anytime someone asks me where I'm from (or where I lived when I lived there) I would tell them Hercules, but that's the city in which I sleep at night. I'm actually from Concord where I went to high school and generally hang out.

Alright... 'nuff bitching over something retarded :)

I'm just bored out of my mind right now and felt like bitching about something retarded... :)


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