Rex (rapp81) wrote,

A Day at the Movies, and Then Some :)

My brother and I curise down Highway 4 in his new Z4 Roadster, with the top down, to meet up with Justin and Joe in Walnut Creek to see Spiderman 2. Joe's girlfriend was also with us. We first had lunch at Buckhorn Grill, then saw the movie at Century Walnut Creek 14. During the movie, I had to leave to go to the bathroom... I drank too much lemonade at lunch. I was trying to hold it, but it was no use. I stood at the urinal for 2 solid minutes, going non-stop. After the movie, we stood around and talked about how great the movie was. As we exited the theatre, we saw the CBS5 Weekend anchor walk in with his family. We stood outside, talked some more, then headed over to Cold Stone in Pleasant Hill and hung out there for a bit.

Anthony called me and asked if I wanted to hang with him and a bunch of others tonight. I told him if he could get someone to take me home, I'd be all for it. Randall wanted to go home because he's retarded like that, so I hung out with the other three over to to a billiards bar in WC. We had a couple of pitchers of beer and playe a couple rounds of pool. I tried calling Anthony but his phone was on manual network selection and wasn't patching through. I finally got a hold of him and told him that I needed to be picked up in WC. I gave pretty good directions (as I usually do), but of course, Anthony being oblivious and mental like that, ends up in downtown WC (I was a bit outside of downtown). Eventually, Anthony arrives, chats with us for a bit, and we head off to my former place of employment to see Fahrenheit 9/11. We were late, but didn't miss too much. Before I went in, I saw Kerri on 21 side, with Omar tending snack bar. Ill... Kerri... heh. Apparently, there was another print, so we saw it in #25. As Anthony and I walked in, Dan, who was on 22 side, saidwoah! Now there's a couple of guys I haven't seen in a long time! We didn't even bother showing him our tickets, I punched my own in the air, in his view, as I walked to 25. It took a while, but I found Daniel, Nate, Maria, and Burg. This movie also kicked ass and is a must see :)

After the movie, we ventured over "across the street" (actually it's across the freeway) to the downtown garage, because Anthony directed them to the Century Pleasant Hill 16, instead of The Dome (I honestly don't miss working at Century all that much, btw). Burg left, but the rest of us went to Neon Lyon's to grab something to eat.

We all caught up with each other. Opened a really bad can of worms with somebody that made Nate really uncomfortable... Sorry, man :(

Anthony was originally going take me home (as he was heading up to Fairfield), but decided to just go home instead. So Nate took me home, even though it's a further drive on Highway 4 for him. Thanks again, Nate :)

All in all, a good day :)

When I got home, I read this post that Nick ([info]slipsbyandstops) wrote about some retarded customers and F 9/11

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