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Time for a true update...

Usually, I would say I went to KoC, but I didn't. It was kinda weird not singing and such. But I did catch up on an episode of ER. I used to watch this show religiously, but since I've started going to KoC on a bi-weekly basis, I ended up neglecting the show for an entire season. That and CSI.

Drove down to Valley Fair. Visited Casey ([info]theblank) at his store and ended up buying a pair of socks. After that, I took the 3 minute drive over to Greg and Justin's. I helped entered in some songs on the spreadsheet for Greg's new jukebox. What a fine piece of vintage technology :) After playing a few tunes, Chris served his Mexican dinner and debuted his latest rocumentary, The Cabo San Lucas Trip. It was shorter than the rest of his rocumentaries, but again, never a dull moment. Afterwards, I met up with Matt ([info]dancin_whitey) and Ross in SF. The drive up 280 was a breeze... I was surprised nobody was on the roads at 8:30p. Parking wasn't too much of an issue compared to the previous Saturday night. In fact, it was kinda dead. We still had a good time there. At around midnight, we decided to leave.

I went to Maria's 21st birthday party at her friend's apartment in North Concord. Intersting would be an understatement. If Burg wasn't there, I would of ended way sooner than I did, considering I left pretty early in the first place. Maria was doing fine, but some of the guests were kinda annoying. Music for instance... there was a battle for which station to tune the radio, literally. A group liked to listen to KSJO for a bit, but another flat out hated it, thinking all of the music on that station was scary. So they resorted to playing CDs. As most of you know, I cannot stand the N-word at all. I just don't understand it. I applaud Bill Cosby for having the balls to say what he said about certain youth today. When Burg left, I decided to leave myself.

This was Independance Day, huh? Well, my morning started off with me driving to mass with my sister. I totally forgot about the parade downtown, so they closed off Refugio Valley Rd. So I had to make a u-turn, and do the u-loop on Pheasant, on to Turquoise, to head on to Sycamore. It usually takes me about 3 1/2 minutes to get out of Hercules. It took me 9 on that particular morning.

After our routine Sunday family stuff, I took a nap. My mom had some visitors over, along with our relatives, and we had a impromptu food gathering, which consisted of pancit and baked fish. Yeah, totally missed out on the BBQ this year.

Went to SFO to drop my mom off. She's gone to the Philippines for 3 weeks. I haven't checked out the Int'l terminal since the new one opened. It's pretty cool. After leaving her and my aunt, she calls asking if she left some things in the truck. We look around and didn't find anything. Eventually, she finds what she was looking for... argh! We were looking all over the place!

I decided to check out Bay Street in Emeryville. The layout's kinda like Santana Row, only more spacious. There aren't that many stores that are worth a second shopping visit. I did check out a few magazines at B&N for a bit. After Bay Street, I went to the Richmond Costco for gas, the over to Hilltop. Why? I dunno, I was bored. There are only three stores I would purchase clothes in that mall: Macy's (they don't even have ANY QS/BLB/Hurley/Etc apparal there), Anchor Blue, and Zumiez. I ended up getting a polo and 2 tshirts for under $20. That was a steal!

After Hilltop, I stopped by Best Buy and got the Spiderman 2 Soundtrack and a kick-ass karaoke CD. I'll bring it with me to KoC on Thursday.

1. Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue (3:28)
2. Alanis Morissette - Everything (3:44)
3. Blink 182 - I Miss You (3:48)
4. Seether & Amy Lee - Broken (4:23)
5. Counting Crows - Accidentally in Love (3:17)
6. The Calling - Our Lives (4:05)
7. Lenny Kravitz - Where are We Runnin' (2:39)
8. Hoobastank - The Reason (3:59)
9. Trapt - Echo (4:26)
10. Melissa Etheridge - Lucky (4:15)
11. Melissa Etheridge - Breathe (3:31)
12. Simple Plan - Don't Wanna Think About You (3:28)
13. Finger Eleven - One Thing (3:41)
14. Three Days Grace - (I Hate) Everything About You (4:01)
15. Damien Rice - Cannonball (Remix) (3:30)

When I got home, I got an email from Mr. O'Leary, one of my HS English teachers. He somehow stumbled upon my website and decided to drop me a line.

Tonight, my mom called my aunt, who in turn called me to tell us that she brought the mortgage and Macy's payments with her to the Philippines. OMFG!!! So I had to use my cell to call her (since we have no LD service on the landline) and pay $3.40/min. After the 5+ minute call, I looked on the AWS to find out that if I sign up for their $3.99 LD plan, I can call over for 21 cents a minute. Why didn't I do that before I called her?!? Argh... Oh well, she's paying for it :)

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