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Went to Concord today... Checked out Fry's and got a microphone and webcam, since I got tired of plugging in my old 8mm camcorder in my ATI AIW. When I grabbed the webcam off the shelf a sales associate asked if he could write up my order. First he said it would make it easier for check out, but I told him I only had two items. Then he said he would get commission. I said whatever. He starts punching in the PLU and realizes that he's only getting $0.25 from the webcam so he says never mind. Dumbfuck. It was a $30 webcam. How much did he expect to get for commission?!?

After Fry's, I drove over to Sunvalley. Browsed my usual stores. I was good and didn't buy anthing. :)

I drove back to Hercules and stopped by Albertson's to get stuff to fix myself some lunch. I started cooking some soup then went upstairs to find an IM from Mikey ([info]spawrhawk) telling me that he updated his website. After going through his updated site, I realized that some of the content I have on my site is dated from 1999. Wow... The only thing I tend to update in terms of layout and such is the Blog/LiveJournal. After chatting with Mikey, I realized that I forgot about lunch and my soup was overboiling. Yikes!

Tonight, I decided to tweak my Blog (Movable Type) archives. Basically, I changed the post order for my dated archives from descending to ascending. Also, I edited my first posts and profile on LJ to take note of my Blog Archive.

I also noticed that I have neglected a lot of aspects of my site, such as many of the features on the Voyuer menu and my DVD and MP3 lists. I should get around to at least updating the latter two. Don't know if I'll start up the others anytime soon.

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