Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Important Notice for SJSU Students / Brief Notes From Yesterday

Frist off, if you are going to be a student at SJSU next semester, check your spam/bulk mail folder. I just checked it this morning and an email from the Bursar's Office notifying me of my payment due date fell in there! (I already knew via PeopleSoft, but still...)

As for Yesterday, here are brief highlights:

Went to VF, met up with Scott (aairn), details of what we did there will be posted later, unless he beats me to it.

Both met up again at KoC. It was Amy's (bustymcboob) farewell night. I sang I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (Aerosmith), and two selections from my CD: Ocean Avenue (Yellowcard) and The Reason (Hoobastank).

Now I'm off to Pleasant Hill BART to ride over to Fremont then catch VTA to head over to SJ, where I'm meeting up with some of the SJSU crew to go to Great America. Then I'm having dinner at Todai at Sunvalley in Concord for my sister's birthday. Anybody doing anything tonight, like in the city? Call me or message my mobile :)
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