Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Because Scott biglovescott Says I Shouldn't Put So Many Days in One Post...

...I'll post the last couple right now :)

Ventured over to VF to kill time. The drive down was fine till I decided to get off at Mission to cross over to 880. That was a huge mistake! Scott (aairn) met up with me and we went around VF then headed over to Santana Row. While roaming around Border's, I noticed who I thought was Nick's ([info]slipsbyandstops) friend, Charles. (I told Scott he looked familiar) Scott said he's seen him at school before. So I called Nick to see if he could confirm. Well, after a text message exchange, it was indeed Nick's friend and Scott and I were both right. Heh. Scott then had an urge to be fat so we went over to Ben & Jerry's. He had 2 scoops in a waffle cone and I just had a single scoop in a waffle bowl. (OMG, I'm sounding like Chris Hale... describing what we ordered) We walked back to VF and roamed around some more then headed off to KoC.

KoC was unusually packed early as it was Amy's last night... Sang some great songs off my CD as I mentioned earlier.

Got up and drove to Pleasant Hill BART to head over to Fremont. From there, I took the VTA 180 to downtown SJ where I met Roshnee for lunch at the Farmer's Market at San Pedro Square. After lunch, we went to O'Flaherty's for a beer. We ended up not finishing them since we were full from lunch and Chris and Amber were behind Spag (Spaghetti Facory) to pick us up.

From there, we went to Great America. Rode a few rides, checked out the karaoke show (would of signed up, but showed up at the start time), then rode a few more rides. I left the rest of them as I had to head back up for my sister's birthday dinner. So I took the VTA 140 (gotta love that SJSU Transit Sticker!) back to Fremont then back over to PH. I showed up at Todai at 7 sharp, but we were still waiting for the rest of my relatives who were stuck in Martinez. As you read earlier, I got utterly sick... I felt like I wanted to throw up.

We got home at around 9 and I basically checked my messages and LJ, then just fell asleep. I got up at around 2 am, stayed up for about an hour, then crashed again.

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