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The Latter Part of the Weekend

So Sunday was spent mostly doing family stuff... blah

I decided to head on down to KoC for an unusual Sunday appearance. The night was slow and most of the usual early birds sat around the table, looking down at it in blah... Mikey ([info]spawrhawk) kept saying that we needed some uppers.

Not a lot showed up, compared to Thursday. I put 3 songs in, but only sang two [Echo (Trapt) and Think Twice (Eve 6)]. I was really tired, with a slight headache, so I went home at around 10:30.

The drive up sucked major ass. 880 wasn't too bad, but my God, 80 was retarded! My theory as to why speeding accidents happen more on this road than on any other road: All the tards who invade the fast lane going under 65 refuse to get out! I got trapped because the car in front of me wouldn't go faster and the one beside me was matching their slow speed and I needed to exit @ Hercules. Another pet peeve on 80, people using the HOV offramps (Eastbound to Richmond Pkwy in Pinole and Westbound to Cutting Blvd in El Cerrito). Again, these people fail to realize that although it's ok to use the HOV offramps during non-HOV enforcement hours, it's not ok to start applying your breaks BEFORE using the offramp... Do it once you're on the offramp, dumbfucks! It's the fucking fastlane! This are just few of the reasons why I take 4 > 680 anytime I head down. The 880 > 80 route is actually shorter, but especially during the day, driving an extra 8 miles going down 680 can actually save me 10-15 minutes.

When I got home, I did my usual routine of checking emails and LJ, put my Sleep Away Message up, and fell asleep. When I got up sometime after 6 this morning, I couldn't even remember what exact time I decided to just go to bed. That's how tired I was.

For those of you who know how much of a nostalgic freak I am, will understand my excitement for VH1's I Love the '90s Week starting tonight! In about a half hour, 1990 will debut (dish east coast feed) so I'll be downstairs catching the first two years of this funky ass decade :)

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