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Damn You, PeopleSoft / CSU-CMS !

So I was having issues with PeopleSoft all day, trying to pay for my freaking tuition for next semester. My payment deadline is Wednesday and I didn't want to risk losing all of my classes that I successfully added a couple of weeks ago. I was able to access the self-service portal, but my login wouldn't go through. After calling the Bursar's Office, they told me I needed to email the CMS helpdesk. Argh. When I took a closer look at the main MY SJSU page, it said that they were having issues with the account balance page, but not with the payment services. I looked in the service issues page and noticed that they did a software upgrade to one of the components in PS. Well, when I attempted to login to the actual payment service page, it said it was down. So I called into the PeopleSoft IVR system. It wouldn't even process my inquiry request there. I swear, this system is always screwing up! Anyways, eventually, I was able to finally pay the $1532.00 I owed SJSU for next semester.

The next thing I need to do is register my last class, Dance 102 (Upper GE). There's a 17-unit enrollment cap until Wednesday, so that's why I have to wait till then in order to do that. Yes folks, I'm taking 18 units this semester... It's time I become a UC student at a CSU :)

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