Rex (rapp81) wrote,
rapp81 is no more! Well, sort of...

I'm fully migrating over to LJ. So any hits to will immediately be redirected to

I spent most of the night fooling around with the JS embed feature. It took me a while to figure out the style issue I had. I wanted to use my S2 style, but I couldn't figure out how to do it based off the documentation. Then, after scouring around the styles page, I found the s2id variable (for just the plain bml usage) and it worked for customview.cgi! Sweet :)

If you currently check out The AB, go there to see how to migrate over to viewing my LJ in full. It will require you to use a shared LJ account I created and all the credentials to login are in The AB, along with steps as to how to set the cookie.

I've hidden away the search field to a link that's now on the sidebar. If you want to do a word search or would like to see a monthly listing of posts, just click that link. will actually still have content, even though the redirect time is equal to zero. This is to enable the search engines to continue crawling the content.

Also, I've updated the MT stylesheet so it's parallel to LJ's, should you wish to access the Archives or Search.
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