Rex (rapp81) wrote,

No, I'm not slothing :)


Anyhoo... Been laughing my ass off watching I Love The '90s. It's kinda weird to think that we're actually looking back at the events of the 90s, even though for me, it seems like it was yesterday. Damn, I'm old. Crystal Pepsi, anyone?!? OMG... Miss K. even said she didn't get hooked on that particular Pepsi product. Now that's telling you something. LOL

Got another thing in the mail by Marbolo today. And yet again, it dominated the rest of the mail in my mailbox. It amazes me how much tobacco companies spend on marketing. I mean, it started off by them scanning my driver's license so I could get a free Zippo lighter. (I had this done twice: First at Zoe/Back Bar in SJ and again at SJ Bar & Grill). Then I got a metallic Bic lighter cover on my birthday. Then never ending huge articles of mail which has a lot of interesting stuff which always includes a ton of $1 off coupons for Marbolo products. Today, I got a summer BBQ recipe book. It's pretty high quality and it arrived in a nice box. I'm still debating whether or not I should opt out on their list, but I figured they can continue wasting their money on me, despite the fact that I would never purchase any of their products.

Everyone's changing their online look... I helped Mikey ([info]spawrhawk) out with embedding his S2 LJ style on his website. I continued tweaking the pseudo LJ style sheet for my MT archives.

I decided to start putting actual photos for my Caller ID, instead of using generic graphics such as the various school logos (DLS & SJSU) and the Century logo. I primarily stole the LJ user pics for some and I'm cropping ones I have for others. The LJ pics are perfect in actual visual and memory size, btw.
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