Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Fun Times in The W.C. / Another Sunday Night @ KoC

Saturday night has got to be one of the best nights I had hanging out with my HS friends in a long time. Before heading over to The Creek, I stopped by Albertson's to buy a cake and card for Anthony. Anthony wasn't expected to get of work at the Century Walnut Creek 14 until 12:30 or so, so Joe and I met up at Crogan's at around 10:30. Having not seeing him for the longest time, we caught up with each other. During our conversation, I brought up Roshnee, as Joe knew her. I decided to give her a call. I asked her where she was and she happened to be in Antioch. After telling her that I was with Joe at Crogan's, she said that she would give me a call in 20 minutes. She never did, so Joe called her back on his phone. Then she said she just got home and wanted to spend time with her family and she would call us back. She never did. And she blows up at Brian for flaking on her?!?

I was sending text messages to Anthony telling him to hurry his ass up. I got a message at around 11:50 saying that he was now sweeping. So Joe and I left, grabbed the cake and things, and walked the block to the theatre. He was downstairs, doing detail work behind the snack bar. I helped myself to a courtesy cup of lemonade and gave Joe a cup of Cherry Coke. Andrew came downstairs to inspect the cafe and snack bar. I said hello to him and told him all about Anthony's birthday. Andrew then told me about an incident Anthony had with the popper the other day and had to send him to the hospital. The dumbass apparently cut himself and it wouldn't stop bleeding.

When Anthony was finally given the OK to end his shift, he joined Joe and me for the birthday cake candle lighting. I set up 21 individual candles on the center of the cake, made by Cocina de Albertson's, and 3 candles on the side for me (20 + 3 = 23, but I also used up the entire box of 24 candles). We sang Happy Birthday and distributed the slices of cake with ourselves and the WC14 staff.

After Anthony changed out of his Century vest and bowtie (this is the only guy I know who stays in full uniform when closing out the snack bar), we walked over to Crogan's.

Since we were running short on time, we made a dash to the service line and bought all of Anthony's drinks. I got him a long island (yes, I really wanted him to get drunk) and Joe got him a cherry bomb. Anthony pounded both drinks, which took me by surprise.

Let me give you an illustration of the type of people who go to this bar. It is mostly people who graduated from the area high schools, including De La Salle and Carondelet. There were a lot of DLS alums, most of which kinda acted like they still went there... which is kinda sad considering that most of them are a year older than me.

At around 1:10, I decided that Anthony needed another drink. I was going to get him an Audios MF, but when I attempted to order, the bartender told me that they have stopped serving. This is the only thing I hate about the bar scene in The W.C... First, they don't really make last call known. Second, they want everybody out by no later than 1:35.

So when we were kindly asked to leave the establishment, the three of us just stood by my car and chatted for a bit. Then we decided to head over to Mel's because it was cold and we were sorta hungry.

A few minutes after we sat down, a group of Asians got into some sort of argument. The server called WCPD and the group took it outside where one half of the group started to kick the car of the other half. This is the shit that I hate. From what I heard afterwards, it was over something so small, that most educated people would not escalate to such harsh actions. The thing I hate about this is the fact that a lot of people judge me based on my ethnicity and the usual actions based of the majority within my ethnicity. I'm not going to go off on this, since most of you know my complete stance on this matter.

Anyways, a bunch of white girls started yelling out to the Asians by asking why they had to act like that. An Asian girl replied with You don't know what went on and it's none of your business! First off, the white girls were witnessing the entire event. Second, it becomes their business when as restaurant patrons in a cramped building feel uncomfortable because people are being fucking retarded. WCPD told the group involved that they were not allowed back in so there were two tables with food uneaten. A few from the group were allowed in to settle the bill.

After that happened, Anthony just acted retarded, but in the Anthony sorta way. He was so drunk! At one point, he knocked his cup of water and spilled it over the table.

The table behind me decided to steal a plate of food from the service tray. When the server noticed it, she immediately grabbed it and told them to leave. The server then went to the other end of the restaurant and told one of the patrons that her burger was eaten by someone else who stole it. The entire group started to yell food stealer, which turned to burger stealer, then the kicker: hamburgler! The entire place started to crack up. The sad thing about this is I think the group involved in the hamburgler incident all graduated from DLS.

It was about 3 or so now and the three of us decided to go home.

Sunday, I had a late lunch with my aunt and mom @ Black Angus in Vallejo. For Vallejo, they have some hot servers :P

That night, I drove down to KoC. I was able to get 4 songs in as the crowds weren't that big.

I had another up and down night, but for the most part I was feeling better by the end of the night.

Now it's back to the grind... yet another academic week. blah.

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