Rex (rapp81) wrote,

What a Weekend!

KoC Night... sang Ocen Avenue (Yellowcard) again as James requested it, (Song I can't remember for some reason right now), Headstrong (Trapt), and because I found an old cassette tape: The Right Stuff (NKOTB). Heh

The concert.... To those on LJ, I must apologize for Bogarding your Friends page on Friday night. Don't expect any more phone posts till after the 30th, because I have exhausted my monthly allotment of phone posts for the month. LOL

Anyways, the night totally kicked ass. Driving over to Mikey's ([info]spawrhawk) sucked, but he, along with Debbie (unbreak_able) and me got there in time to hit the VIP room. James and Mark totally hooked us up and we had huge, strong, and free drinks and food. I hat 2, long islands that were in 16-ounce cups! Needless to say, by the time John Mayer took the stage, I was having the time of my life!

During Maroon 5, we were in the lawn area. Then for John Mayer, we swapped tickets and were 12 rows center from John Mayer. Mikey ended up heading over to KoC with James and Mark and Deb drove my car (as I was still drunk) after the concert to meet up with them. When we got there, Mikey was way drunk. So we took him home. Getting him into the dungeon was a slightly difficult task, but we were able to accomplish it.

From the few moments before we got him into my car well till about an hour later, Mikey was speaking in Spanish. He only uttered a single sentence in English during that entire time. While trying to sober up, Scott (aairn) and I had an interesting druken IM exchange. Heh.

When I was sober enough, I met up with the SJSU crew at The Brit, just in time for last call. Afterwards, I went to Chris's. I only stayed for a bit, then drove back home.

I will continue the weekend's events tomorrow :)

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